March 1, 2013

Using Service Blueprints to Create a Holistic Experience

by Izac Ross


On Thursday, February 21st, I had the wonderful opportunity to teach a group of 20 students, designers, educators, and service professionals at my workshop, Using Service Blueprints to Evolve Services at Parsons DESIS.

Service blueprints contain several foundational concepts for a service designer such as, value exchanges and touchpoints. They are fundamental tools for clarifying the interactions between customers, digital touchpoints, and employees because they reveal how these are supported by 'backstage' activities (essentially, everything the customer does not see). Blueprints can be invaluable assets for interaction designers working on multichannel services and digital products especially when there is a mix of digital and human-to-human interfaces.

Over the course of two hours, each group redesigned a dry cleaner's drop-off and pick-up process. They researched the current user and employee experience by interviewing each other about their recent experiences with dry cleaning services and mapped a service blueprint of the journey. Utilizing the service blueprints, they identified painpoints and opportunity areas, designed a better dry cleaner experience, and of course, documented these changes with a service blueprint.

We wrapped up with a great discussion on when to use this tool. This event was held in conjunction with the Service Design Network NYC and the Parsons DESIS. Special thanks to Jacqueline Cooksey of DESIS and Marshall Sitten of SDN for helping to make this workshop and the lecture series possible.


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